Boho Dresses

Boho dresses are the epitome of soft femininity and an ultimate must-have in every girl's boho clothing wardrobe. The flowing fabrics and earthy colours are universally flattering, and they speak to the wearer's free-spirited and breezy personality. Boho Buys has a boho dress for every body type and style preference. Whether you prefer maxi dresses, swing dresses, fitted or skater dresses, we’ve got you covered.

When people picture a boho dress, they probably envision a maxi dress. Maxi dresses usually hang loosely from a cinched waistline. What differentiates a boho maxi dress from a typical long dress or skirt is the way the fabric moves when you walk. When you wear boho clothing, you'll look like you're walking on an empty beach no matter where you are. High-low hemlines are very popular in this category of dresses. They are floor-length in the back and rise in front, showing off your legs and a great pair of shoes (or bare feet - whatever you choose).

Swing dresses are a great alternative if you love the flow of maxi dresses but prefer a shorter skirt. Swing dresses extend outward from the bust and do not hug the figure. A boho swing dress may have loose trumpet sleeves that hang nearly as long as the skirt. If you want a dress that shows off your waist, skater dresses are for you. Skater dresses can have a boho feel if they have the intricate prints or deep V necklines.

Boho rompers became popular as summer music festivals gained traction. It's easy to see why rompers are a top choice of women who attend festivals: shorts feel more secure than skirts, and one-pieces are convenient for long, hot days in the desert. Choose a romper if you love showing off your legs. Rompers take up very little space on the body, making them a great choice if you love wearing jewellery and hats.

Two-pieces are a fun, fashionable way to wear the boho style. You can pair a crop top with a maxi skirt to get the flowy effect of a maxi dress without losing your waistline. This is a favorite style among women who like to play with patterns. Just choose your top and skirt in complementary designs.

All boho dresses are beautiful, but nothing beats a slip dress for effortless, model-off-duty sex appeal. The straps provide support for a lower neckline. Slip dresses are typically more streamlined than most boho dresses, and that makes the boho slip dress a fun mashup of styles. You get the structure and sexiness of the skinny straps combined with the comfort and ethereal beauty of a boho dress.

Any type of boho dress is a perfect foundation for layering. The looser fit leaves room for tights or leggings, and the patterns remain vibrant underneath jackets. The skirt of a maxi dress or skirt is long enough for the office. No matter what your personal style is, there is a boho dress for you.

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