Boho Buys is a part of the new generation of fashion boutiques who think beyond beauty, fashion and profit to our social responsibility as a brand and the impact we make.

Through sustainably focused bohemian fashion lines and artisan initiatives, Boho Buys aims to redefine value and challenge the rampant consumerism engendered by fast fashion. We strive to reduce waste while fairly compensating everyone working with the brand, promoting slow and ethical fashion.

We try to consider what is the most environmentally conscious option that will support the production of a high-quality garment, the fair wage of the worker, the shipment of the item and a fair price to the consumer.

As the owner and director, I have spent many hours thinking about our impact on the planet. Who made this dress? What impact does shipping stock internationally have? What happens to the mailing satchels once your order is delivered?

It is our vision to become one of the most conscious fashion brands in the world - a hugely ambitious statement, I know! But when it comes to our planet, we need to aim for the stars.


To achieve this, we have begun:

  • Using certified, home compostable mailing satchels (and they're pink!)
  • Paying a fair wage to workers involved in our brand
  • Becoming less reliant on suppliers who do not meet our ethos
  • Stocking brands that match our ethos (Moss & Malibu, Le Salty Label etc)
  • Using less synthetic fibres 
  • Supporting local communities and becoming less reliant on imported alternatives
  • Creating and sourcing designs that are evergreen - we want you to wear your beautiful new dress year after year
  • Giving back 

Measuring our impact in these areas continuously drives us to improve and refine the way we do things.

Change is coming... We are committed to being part of that change... 


At Boho Buys, we are committed to designing and souring pieces that seamlessly blend into your existing wardrobe and can be worn for many seasons to come, rather than creating short-lived disposable fashion.  


We support our customers to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging them to:

  • Hand wash in cold water and drip dry, or eco-dry clean only
  • Minimise washing garments - is it dirty? Or do you not want to put it away today?
  • Composting their mailing satchels
  • Recycling their unused returns forms


Every item you purchase from us - whether it’s an item of clothing, a pair of earrings or cute new bikini - requires natural resources to produce it, for example energy for manufacturing, water to dye or fuel for transportation. When these products are in transit to us or to you, or even idle at our office, they are at risk of getting dirty, wet or damaged.

Packaging, including the see-through garment bag your item is wrapped in, plays an essential product-protection role, ensuring that the item arrives with you in pristine condition. This means it can spend a long life in someone’s wardrobe being worn, warranting the original investment of natural resources.

The cost of not protecting these items with packaging can in fact be more detrimental than if they weren’t protected by packaging.

For example, if a maxi dress is badly damaged during shipping to our warehouse or to the customer because it is not protected, not only are more carbon emissions created by the item being returned to us, the damaged jeans become a textile waste issue. Our packaging helps to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

I’ve heard quite a bit about alternative packaging options - why can’t Boho Buys just change its packaging to a non-plastic option?

To reduce our packaging footprint, we are investigating more sustainable alternatives to our current satchels. It’s a complex piece of work to identify a scalable solution that lowers our environmental impact, while meeting required criteria for functionality (outlined above), durability and design. 

We are thrilled to have taken the first step in introducing our compostable mailing satchels and are hoping for a solution of the garment bags in the near future.


We are 100% committed to implementing high ethical and environmental standards within every part of our business which is reflected within our Animal Welfare policy.

  • Animal fibres (wool) must be sourced ethically and inflict no harm or distress to the animal or its surroundings
  • We will not utilise any fibres from species that are recognised to be endangered
  • All leather within our range is VEGAN - death is not fashion
  • All fur within our range is VEGAN - death is not fashion
  • All suede within our range is also VEGAN - death is not fashion
  • We say NO to Angora
  • We say NO to exotic animal skins
  • We say NO to mohair

All of our policies extend to business partners that we work with including contractors. 

Where possible, we will choose recycled materials over new.

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