Our Story

"Boho Buys is a highly curated bohemian boutique where each piece is personally picked because I love it"

Hi, I'm Vesna and I launched Boho Buys in 2013 after struggling to find high quality but affordable bohemian clothing

It all started when I was looking for a maxi dress to wear to an early spring engagement party. I wanted something that would look great, be super comfortable, and speak to my bohemian side... but I didn't want to spend a week's pay on a dress I might only wear once.

Researching online I found plenty of options but they all seemed to be either cheap and generic, or beautiful but expensive. The cheap dresses inevitably didn't quite fit right, or the colour would be a bit off, or they simply weren't a true reflection of my style. The expensive ones were always nice but I couldn't justify spending $450 on a dress that would get minimal wear and need to be dry cleaned all the time.

Dragging a loyal friend around two shopping centres for an entire day didn't end any better. There were even less options available! Plus the pushy crowds, annoying shop assistants (who don't listen and just want to sell you anything) and parking nightmare made it anything but fun.

In the end I had to settle on a dress I really wasn't in love with. Chatting with the other girls at the engagement they mentioned similar experiences trying to find bohemian clothing. Two had bad experiences buying from China and being disappointed with cheap items that were nothing like the photos. In frustration I said to one of them "why isn't there a website that just has great boho buys?". 

I was working as Online Manager for one of Australia's largest fashion retailers at the time. And as fate would have it, the company was sold and moved to Melbourne. I had a big decision to make: move to Melbourne with a stable job, or follow my dreams and start a business to fill the gap in the market. I took about 3 seconds to think about it and then Boho Buys was born! 

We're a small team who are passionate about the bohemian lifestyle and providing our customers with only the best and most beautiful pieces that are both unique and bohemian in spirit, while still being fashion forward. I personally pick each product and if I wouldn't wear it then we won't sell it.

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