Quality Control

We are incredibly confident that the item you receive from us is exactly as ordered and is without manufacturing faults.

How can we be so confident?


We have a detailed procedure for receiving and dispatching stock to ensure all items sent out are 100% perfect and ready to be lovingly worn.


  1. When our deliveries first arrive, all items are unpacked, quantities are checked and sizing is checked (so you don't receive a size small in a bag marked a medium!)
  2. Everything is unpacked. Every last top, earring, dress and accessory. All items are hung for initial inspection for obvious flaws.
  3. Next, every garment is steamed. This allows us to inspect the fabric and seams up close. Any flaws or pulls in the fabric will shows up upon steaming. Anything deemed faulty is returned to the vendor to ensure we do not send it out to one of our lovely customers.
  4. Earrings and jewellery are checked for broken clasps, discolouration, sharp edges or missing pieces. Belts are checked all holes are correctly punctured, buckles are not faulty and the length is accurate for the size.
  5. Every item is then repacked and labelled/barcoded. Layering the garment flat upon packaging allows one final (of three!) checks to pick up on anything that may have been missed.
  6. Garments remain packaged while in storage to protect them from pests, dust, moisture or anything else that may damage the item.

We don't claim to be perfect, but we are damn close!


We have a 99.98% "perfection" rate! And as a small business, we are incredibly proud of this!

Items sent to customers with manufacturing faults: only two items in four years.

Missing items from order: one item in six and a half years.

Items claimed to be faulty but damaged by the customer in order to receive a refund: An average of 2-3 customer every 6-12 months.


How can we tell if an item has been damaged by a customer to claim a refund:


We don't send out items with flaws in the fabric, so a claim on holes in the fabric are usually intentional, or caused when opening the mailing satchel or the protective packaging with scissors.

We will also deny returns on items with tension tears. A tension tear occurs when a fabric, seam or closure (buttons or zipper) is putting under stress and cause it to split or warp. This can only occur in two instances:


  1. The garment was haphazardly thrown on without care. Think forcing your leg into a pair of jeans in a hasty rush to head out the door in the morning and your toe pulls at a hole and causes it to tear more (more commonly in distressed jeans designed with tears and holes!)
  2. The garment is too small and forced on. Splits in the underarm are common in this case. 


Please take care when trying on your items! If it feels a little small, don't force it on. We don't like denying our customer returns requests, but will if we have to

Items that are incorrectly washed, laundered, steamed, ironed or stored will also void it's warranty. Please take the time to check the garment care label once you receive it.


What to do if you believe it is faulty:


If you receive your order and think something isn't quite right, let us know right away! Take a few photos (including some up close) for us to inspect and if it is faulty, we will bend over backwards to make sure you are looked after!

We will:


  • Arrange for the return shipment (if required)
  • Arrange a repair (if possible) or,
  • Arrange an immediate replacement (if available)
  • Offer an exchange or credit
  • A refund will only be offered if replacement or repair are not available. 


Refund policy on faulty goods:

Under Australian Consumer Law, we are not required to and will strictly deny refunds for items damaged by the customer, accidentally or intentionally.

As per Australian Consumer Law, items deemed faulty by Boho Buys, we reserve the right to repair the item or replace it. A refund is only offered if the item cannot be repaired or replaced.


Damages in transit:


If you receive a parcel that has clearly been battered in transit or arrives torn or damaged, let us know right away so we can open a case with Australia Post. Be sure to take a few photos before opening up your parcel.

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